As I told you on the last publication, here you can find some sumaries about Blindspot’ TV serie. I hope you like it:


JANE DOE:                                                jane doe

She is the main character of the serie. She is a tattooed women who has appeared in the middle of Times Square inside of a sports bag, totally confused and without memory about anything of her past, even her name ! With the FBI’s help she will remenber her mysterious past.

KURT WELLER:   kurt weller

He is, along Jane Doe, the main character. He is an special agent of the FBI, who will be in charge of the discover the meaning of the Jane’s tattos and her past, when the FBI finds his name tattooed on Jane’s back.




She is the head of the FBI Forensic Science. Her work consist in decode the Jane’s tattos and, also, discover many other clues.





Dr. Robert Borden.jpg

He works at the FBI as a psychologist, his work consist in help Jane to remenber her forgotten past and the origen of her mysterious tattos. He, besides, hide an important secret.






He is an FBI agent and a member of Kurt Weller’s team, too. He has a lot of doubts about Jane, her tattos, her past and her colaboration with his team. He, besides, will have to resolve a personal problem of his childhood.





She is is an FBI agent and a member of Kurt Weller’s team. She started working as a New York Police Department Officer in the 96th Precinct, and some secrets of her cop’s past could be in danger.



Here you will find the official trailer of Blindspot

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