SEVENTH DAY: 31/01/2017 (Tuesday)

CLASS SCHEDULE:  10:05-11:00

What did we do on this class?

On this seventh session, we worked using an app called “Sworkit”, but how “Sworkit” works? Well, Sworkit it’s a practical application if you don’t know how doing correctly some exercises and you don’t want get injured for doing that exercises incorrectly, because this app explain you how to do it and, at the same time that you are doing exercises you can see a person on your screen executing it correctly. We, we did strength exercises and, to finish the class we did stretching exercises too.

Here I give you a link about Sworkit review Sworkit review


EIGHTH DAY: 2/02/2017 (Thursday)

CLASS SCHEDULE:  11:30-12:25

What did we do on this class?

Today we didn’t have P.E class because we had a talk about the “Quesepegue” project to motivate us to do it the best that we can. This is a charitable project in wich we are going to do differents activities (karaoke, krav magá, football, voley, dancing, etc.) during the breaks. The people who want to participate, they have to pay Kriptons (official currency of the project), but before, they have to change the euros into Kriptons in the “bank”. We are colaborating with the AECC ( Spanish Association Against Cancer) and all the money that we win we donate it to the association. In my opnion this project is a great idea to do some funny and interesting activity during the breaks and, of course to help.
As we didn’t have class, we had to do the exercises at home with “Sworkit”



quesepegue banco

The bank

quesepegue reuniónaecc



FIFHTH DAY: 24/01/2017 (Tuesday)

CLASS SCHEDULE:  10:05-11:oo

What did we do on this class?

On this fifth session, we did “GAP” (this, in Spanish i’ts called “glúteo, abdominales and piernas”). We worked it by the TABATA’s methodology, an interval training system of high intensity and short duration (20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest). For working out this system we did exercises such as: crunches, jumping-jacks, push up-jacks …

Finally we had a very relaxing moment: all of us, we lied down on our yoga mat and closed our eyes at the same time that we had to control our breathing and leave blank mind while a relaxing music was sounded.


SIXTH DAY: 26/01/2017 (Thursday)

CLASS SCHEDULE: 11:30-12:25

What did we do on this class?

On this sixth session, we had to run even more than the last Tuesday! Because we ran 4 series of 7 minutes, resting 2 minutes between each one.



THIRD DAY:  17/01/2017 (Tuesday)

CLASS SCHEDULE:  10:05-11:00

What did we do on this class?

On this third session, we did a funny game similar to a gymkhana, but what did we do in this game ? Well, first we divided into the groups that we formed in the first day, and then we had to looking for the differents ‘clues’ (photos about Jane’s tattos or photos about the characters of the series) that they were hidden in the playground. When we found the clues, the person who ‘is’ Patterson, in my group is Dani, he had to scaned the photos with an app called ‘Aurasma’ (that every ‘Pattersons’ had to download on their mobile phones ). When we scaned the photos, we saw the Crossfit exercises that we had to do. In my group, each person did 20 repetitions of an exercise called abs with Swiss ball ,and although, we have to had run 4 series of 7 minutes with a break between each series of 2 minutes, we didn’t have enough time and we were only able to run 2 series.

if you are interested to know how works, what is or what is Aurasma used for, I give you the link of a video about overview about this app.  Aurasma overview

pelota suiza.png

Abs with Swiss ball


        Jane Doe’s tattos















FOURTH DAY:  19/01/2017 (Thursday)

CLASS SCHEDULE:  11:30-12:25

What did we do on this class?

On this fourth session, we danced Zumba, but what is zumba exactly? What are the objectives of Zumba? How Zumba achieves the objectives? Zumba is a dance fitness program which objectives are: maintain a healthy body, and develop, strengthen and give flexibility to the body by the combination of dance moves with series of aerobic routines. We danced Zumba at the gym and we tryed to imitate the differents choreographies at the same time that we saw it.
I enjoyed the class a lot. We had a very funny time and i’d love to repeat it, besides it´s an very entertaining form to do exercise!

Here I give you an example of a Zumba’s dance  Zumba dance












FIRST DAY :  10/01/2017 (Tuesday)

 CLASS SCHEDULE:  1o:05-11:oo 

What did we do on this class?

On this first session, we divided the class in differents groups. Each group have (minimum) one person who will have to perform the differents works that are associated with the main characters of this TV serie, this are: Jane Doe, Kurt Weller, Edgar Reade, Tasha Zapata, Patterson and Dr. Robert Borden. In my group Pablo Álvarez is Kurt Weller, Daniel Álvarez is Patterson, Pelayo and María Fonfría are Tasha Zapata, Víctor is Dr. Robert Borden and I am Jane Doe.

Also, if you are interested on Blindspot’s series you can go to About Blindspot’s TV serie to read a little sumary about the characters of the serie.

SECOND DAY:  12/01/2017 (Thursday)

 CLASS SCHEDULE:  11:30-12:25 

What did we do on this class?

On this second session, we started to work with the groups that we did the last day. We had to run 5 minutes to warm up, and when we finished all the members of the group (at the same time) we had to do differents Crossfit exercises. Such as: jumping jacks, crunches, push-up jacks, dumbbell swings, step up with a bench, wall balls, burpees and jump rope. (The teacher indicated us the number of repetitions that we had to do)

But, what is that? Maybe you don’t know the name of all of this exercises, but I’m sure that you have done, at least, one of this exercises sometime, so with this photos I will help you to discover it:

Jumping-jack1         Jumping jacks




flexiones Push-up jacks


kettlebell-swingDumbbell swings


e0f88a9767cdafb1ab9fe1bdb14acac1   Wall balls




skipping-ropeJump rope


1200-woman-running-on-road  Running

0904-step-upsStep up with a bench